Our Yacht Support range

Yacht Support vessels from Damen Yachting’s innovative range are purpose built to support superyachts – for example dive operations, helicopters, extra guest accommodation as well as carrying increasingly popular large tenders and chase boats.

Since 2009, we have delivered around 20 Yacht Support vessels from 45 to 75 metres in length to our clients around the world. Have a look at our current range as well as our fleet of deliveries to date.

Vessels now available

Our Yacht Support fleet

Our innovative designs combine proven Damen shipbuilding knowhow with our experience in luxury yachting. See showcases of our Yacht Support vessels delivered since 2009.

The dream of supporting environmental discovery

AXIS is the largest vessel in Carl A. Allen’s private Allen Exploration fleet, established for ocean discovery and environmental projects including hurricane relief in collaboration with education facilities and local communities.

See our AXIS Showcase

The dream of supporting breaththrough science

GENE CHASER, a part of the 4Catalyzer ecosystem owned by Dr Jonathan Rothberg, brings cutting edge science and technology to all reaches of the globe, in an effort to address our biggest global challenges.

See our GENE CHASER showcase

The dream of supporting deep-sea diving

With a pioneering 5-vessel WAASP multibeam sonar set-up, the UMBRA team explore unknown seafloor bathymetry, building the dive profile while searching for underwater volcanoes and identifying currents.

See our UMBRA Showcase

The Yacht Support story

Superyacht support is a growing phenomenon that is revolutionizing luxury yachting.

At Damen Yachting, we are proud to be leading this innovative solution for contemporary lifestyles.

How it started: from YS 5009 to YS 53

The YS 5009 design, the original Damen Sea Axe introduced in 2010, paved the way for our new Yacht Support range. After 9 deliveries, all originals for very different missions at destinations all around the world, we introduced our latest design in 2022, a brand new development called YS 53.

Moena from design and proposal and production leader Mark.

The big supporters: from YS 6711 to YS 75

At the 70-metre plus market, the highly regarded GARÇON rewrote the playbook with her delivery in 2012. A YS 6711, the design saw a total of 4 deliveries including the extended YS 6911 model. The next generation follows with the 2022 delivery of the YS 75.


Would you like to discuss your dream for the ultimate Yacht Support vessel? Our commercial team would be delighted to hear from you.

“We’ve helped many owners to realise their challenging dreams. So our highly experienced Yacht Support team really understands how to support your dream."
– Rob Luijendijk, Director Sales

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    "Yacht support vessels are revolutionising luxury yachting. Are you making the most of your precious time at sea?"
    – Rob Luijendijk, Director Sales