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Discover our SeaXplorer premiere expedition yachts from 60 to 105 metres (197 to 345 ft). We build three Damen Yachting SeaXplorer designs in our award-winning explorer megayacht range. 

You can take a closer look at SeaXplorers already delivered and get in touch with us about our available explorer yachts for sale that are in build now for fast delivery.

We created the SeaXplorers as the world’s leading long-range luxury expedition yachts with outstanding capability for the most fun you can have on the water. Damen Yachting is a Dutch superyacht builder with a century of experience. 

With SeaXplorers, our latest design innovation, we build the best expedition yachts afloat. We do it by combining the best of our luxury Amels superyacht range with our parent company Damen’s high-tech shipbuilding knowhow.  

Explorer yachts for sale

Take a closer look at each SeaXplorer expedition yacht for sale. You’ll find deck plans, layouts, interior architecture and specifications. Explore each design to find out how you can customise your SeaXplorer to your lifestyle and exploration plans. 

Exploring your world on a yacht

What is the design philosophy behind SeaXplorer yachts? SeaXplorers are for clients like you who want to experience unique adventures with the best long-range explorer yacht technology available.

Luxury explorer yachting is discovering the most beautiful and exciting places on Earth and sharing them with your closest family and friends. 

“Owning a SeaXplorer means making unique experiences come true with the very best explorer yacht technology. If the technology doesn’t exist yet, we create it.”
– Enrique Tintore, SeaXplorer Design Manager

How we build the best long-range expedition yachts

We begin the construction of SeaXplorers up front, so we can reduce the delivery time for you. Our designs offer lots of customization to suit your lifestyle. Damen Yachting pioneered this semi-custom large yacht building technique a quarter of a century ago with its hugely successful Amels brand. Now we are bringing that philosophy of fast delivery to our explorer yachts for sale. 

Your SeaXplorer is a fully engineered long-range expedition yacht built with all the expertise and experience acquired by Damen Yachting over generations of shipbuilding. Our design team based in the Netherlands includes the world’s leading yacht building engineers so we can create the highest performance expedition yachts with proven reliability. During the design phase, we collaborated closely with top designers and expedition experts, including Eyos Expeditions and Azure Yacht Design. 

Damen Yachting Seaxplorer fleet

In 2015, our team at Damen Yachting introduced the brand new SeaXplorer concept, offering the best expedition yachts for sale. Soon after, we won our first SeaXplorer contract and construction began. We delivered the first SeaXplorer, a 62-metre yacht named ANAWA, in early 2020. Since then we have sold several new SeaXplorers, including the award-winning 77-metre LA DATCHA.  

The SeaXplorers already delivered are revolutionizing the superyacht world. Our fleet is introducing a new generation of owners and charter clients to the world of premiere luxury exploration yachting. See our fleet of SeaXplorer deliveries to date.