Introduction of the Xplorer 80
22 March 2024

Introduction of the Xplorer 80

We proudly announce the introduction of the Xplorer 80, the latest design to join our range of luxury expedition yachts formerly known as SeaXplorer.   


The Xplorer 80 is the latest addition to the Xplorer range which includes the Xplorer 60 and Xplorer 105. This latest 80-metre design is the follow up to the original SeaXplorer 77 bringing an updated and next generation Xplorer yacht to our continuously evolving diverse yachting product portfolio. 


“By introducing the Xplorer 80, we have further established our ability to create a perfect crossover superyacht. She combines luxury, expedition, capability, high-spec shipbuilding and everything in-between.” Rose Damen, Managing Director Damen Yachting. 

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