Departure of MARSA
30 March 2024

Departure of MARSA

The most recent Amels 200 in build has set sail from our shipyard today. This 60-metre Amels Limited Editions which was sold in May 2021, will now embark upon her maiden voyage ready for a private itinerary with her Owner. 

She is the third superyacht delivered from the iconic Amels 200 design which initially started out as the Amels 188 and includes VOLPINI 2 (Amels 188), STELLA M (Amels 200) and MOONSTONE (Amels 200). Together they form a unique group of 60-metre Amels Limited Editions featuring the iconic Tim Heywood exterior design. 

Tom Oomkens, Project Manager at Damen Yachting, notes, "It was so rewarding to see the Owners on board for the christening and blessing ceremony and enjoy that their unique vision became reality. They were very impressed with the magic we did in the time we had. The pride in their eyes made us forget all the hard work and long hours. For me, again I say this is the most beautiful yacht we've made, but I seem to say that with every delivery. These results would never have been achieved if we hadn't had a super well-oiled team and a lot of craftsmanship on board. Proud of the end product, grateful to the team and the team spirit!" 

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