Damen Yachting Teams up with Blue World Technologies
10 May 2023

Damen Yachting Teams up with Blue World Technologies

Damen Yachting and Blue World Technologies have signed a high-level strategic collaboration in the field of energy technology. This collaboration, which was made official at the end of April 2023, reflects Damen Yachting’s commitment to the research and implementation of more sustainable and future fuel technologies.

Located in Aalborg in Denmark, Blue World Technologies is a developer and manufacturer of high-temperature PEM fuel cells running on methanol. Their mission is to introduce energy-efficient and cost-effective methanol fuel cell technology to industries worldwide. The company has been working with Damen Yachting for a number of months as part of the Dutch superyacht builder’s energy programme.  A collaboration which Blue World Technologies’ Marine Sales Director Torben Mørch Sørensen believes brings tremendous opportunity to both parties.

“Damen Yachting is a very strong player within superyachts. We appreciate their trust in us and in our fuel cell technology, and we are very excited about this collaboration which provides both parties with valuable learning and knowledge in the path towards a greener maritime industry. Close collaboration between builders and suppliers, like ours, is essential to implement new and innovative technologies that eventually will benefit the climate and environment as well as the yacht Owners.”

When researching potential energy technology partners, it was Blue World Technologies’ products that played an influential role in Damen Yachting’s choice to team up with a company that would enable them to look longer term and to the upcoming generations of technology.  In particular their next generation fuel cell technology that offers higher efficiency with the additional potential for more energy efficient vessel operation overall thanks to the quality of recoverable heat. Furthermore, their focus on methanol is in line with Damen Yachting’s sustainability vision in reducing their carbon impact and the role methanol could play in that.

“We are delighted to be working with the team at Blue World Technologies. From our first visit to their facilities in Denmark, it became very clear that there was a great synergy between the two companies. That we have a shared ambition and that our goals and way of working align very well. We are very excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings both companies and we look forward to monitoring the developments in the coming months.” Damen Yachting Design and Proposal Engineer Haico van Roeden.

The Blue World Technologies team will be working closely with both Product Design Managers and Engineers at Damen Yachting towards implementing sustainable solutions in the Dutch yacht builder’s products and projects in line with the company’s sustainability goals.

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