Turning heads

An interview with Captain Dan Khedun

This Spring, just three months following her launch, Amels 60 COME TOGETHER sailed to the Med in preparation for the Charter Season. A few months later, we caught up with Captain Dan Khedun in Monaco to see how he had experienced the birth of a new icon in yachting.  

Dan Khedun, Captain COME TOGETHER.

First impressions were good. She’s a real head turner. When you come into port, or walk past in the marina, everyone is taking pictures or looking at the lines.

The geometry on this boat is something really special. And the unique colour that the Owner chose; the distribution between the white, black and Pebble Grey. The colour is pretty special. It was mixed especially for this yacht and doesn’t exist anywhere else on the water. It’s another thing that makes this boat unique, as well as being hull number one. As you come into port, turning, different light bouncing off it, it feels like it’s changing colour. You go from grey, brown, copper, gold and the metallic adds an extra dimension as well.

An expert assessment 

Captain Dan has almost a decade of yachting experience under his belt and is no stranger to Amels. During his years in the industry, he has served as Chief Officer and Captain on Amels yachts. Does the Amels 60 live up to his expectations?   

“It’s not just all looks this boat. Operationally it’s very sound. Everything is solid. Everything works. All the bridge equipment is perfect. I know that the Engineers are very happy. Underway it’s very comfortable. The shape of the bow is such that we don’t slam at all. This comes from the history Amels has in shipbuilding, building 26 Amels 55s and bringing all that into the 60. Amels know how to build a stable yacht.”

Finishing first

COME TOGETHER was clearly quick to make an impression on Captain Dan – and on others who encountered her in the Mediterranean this summer. Crucially, the Owner, he says, was also impressed when he first made her acquaintance. 

“The Owner was blown away by the quality of the finish when he walked on board for his first tour of the yacht. It was really nice to see his first impression of the finished product. He complemented everything. It exceeded his expectations.  

All the crew on board absolutely love the yacht and I think, like me, are proud to be aboard it. Stepping off the passerelle, in the marina, or as we were backing into Monaco, I think makes them feel special. They love being on board. The crew really enjoy working on this yacht. The crew areas are really nice and the finishes are excellent.” 

Seamless silence 

COME TOGETHER has a modern elegance about her. She’s a boat not just for today, but with something of the future about her. A part of this is her hybrid power and propulsion technology, which reduces both fuel consumption and emissions.   

The hybrid system is something quite new in yachting. That’s one her main key features. It’s a really cool feature and it works seamlessly in the three separate modes. We use it all the time. It’s saving fuel and generator hours. On any long passages of more than two hours, we can just use the shaft generators to power the laundry, air conditioning, lights, galley. If that load increases too much, then the batteries take over the hotel function. On generators alone, it’s most silent. If you want to do an early morning cruise around the bay, we can go in that mode. I think the guests feel the benefit of that.”

Making use of space 

The Amels 60 draws on its heritage and an intelligent Espen Øino design to make optimal use of available space. With a keen focus on small details, COME TOGETHER is able to make a big impact and ensure those aboard of an enhanced experience exceeding the boundaries of expectation.  

The sundeck is absolutely vast for a 60 metre yacht. With a smaller yacht, you need a huge sundeck for entertaining, dining and everything else. That is something that Amels has done really well. A yacht of this size doesn’t normally have a swim platform as large as this boat has. The size that we have now is probably the size of an 80/90 metre, but we have it on a 60. And again, for a yacht this size, to have such a nice, 9 metre tender is another thing that the Owner and charter guests really love. They can keep their hair dry and go to dinner still looking good.”  

Its seems fair to say that COME TOGETHER has made quite an entry to the world of yachting with her show-stopping performance in Monaco and the Med. We expect, with her unique colours and distinctive, modern looks, she will continue to turn heads wherever she goes.   

COME TOGETHER at a glance

  • Amels 60 (60 metres / 197ft)
  • Delivered 2022
  • 830 GT
  • 12 guests, 12 Crew + Captain
  • Interior design by Winch
  • Exterior design by Espen  Øino
  • Naval Architecture by Damen Yachting

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