Ocean Escapes


Ocean Escape with NOMAD

Whatever your dream destination may be, it is a desire to explore and enjoy life in, on and under the water that unites so many superyacht owners, guests and crew. Lia Johnson-Strike – Lead Deckhand and Dive Instructor on board the Amels 180 Limited Editions NOMAD – takes us on a voyage of discovery into the blue.

Whether I’m down there free diving or scuba diving, being in the water is a place of happiness for me.

It’s a form of meditation where for 45 minutes it’s just you, the sound of your bubbles, the ocean and if you’re really lucky, sometimes whales.’’

Natural Affinity

It’s not just NOMAD’s striking blue hull where the affinity to water lies. 80% of their activity programme is water orientated. And this doesn’t stop at fishing, diving and wake surfing. The ocean is a major provider of lunch and dinner for NOMAD guests and crew! This is a superyacht that embraces her surroundings.

“The owners and their family have a real genuine love of the sea. Our trips are always about having fun in and on the ocean, enjoying every aspect of what each day gives us out on the water.”

Picture Perfect

Capturing these incredible moments and experiences in the big blue has gone from a much-loved hobby to an even more loved onboard responsibility for Lia.

“The ocean is such an amazing thing to photograph. The colours vary during different times of the day and the same stretch of water can produce the most stunning colour of jewelled blue one moment and seafoam green the next. Capturing the way the sun shines through the water, creating beams of gold, is something that I’ll never get tired of.”


“Diving with a super pod of 1000+ spinner dolphins and yellowfin tuna in Costa Rica has to be one of the best moments I’ve experienced personally. Doing something that’s only seen on a National Geographic documentary, is rather incredible to think about.’’

Welcoming Waters

Selecting the right waters to enjoy comes down to what it is you are looking for. From enjoying life at anchor close to untouched sandy white beaches, to adrenalin filled water sports and exploring the beauty of what lies beneath, the oceans offer something for everyone.

“Easy access to my favourite activities, so basically anything below the water, and warmer water temperatures are often major deciding factors when it comes to choosing a location. French Polynesia, Fiji, Egypt, Japan, Hawaii and islands in the Caribbean are some of my favourite destinations that I have been blessed to visit for life in and on the water.”

Making a Splash

With guests on board, choosing the right way to make a splash is what creates unforgettable moments of fun.

“With kids trips, we’re on the water from sunrise to sunset. Jet skis, inflatables, a 3 story slide, the foil board, sea bobs and the Nautique wake surf boat keeps the deck crew busy for most of the day. For fishing trips, we cater to both blue water fishing and spearfishing. Even squeezing in a dive when possible. We are basically a boat that is definitely into the blue!”

NOMAD at a glance

  • Amels 180 (55 metres / 180ft)
  • Delivered 2019
  • 671 GT
  • 12 guests
  • 12 crew + Captain
  • Exterior design by Tim Heywood
  • Interior design by Bonesteel Trout Hall

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