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Damen Yachting’s hometown Vlissingen (Flushing) makes visiting crew and captains feel very welcome thanks to the high living standards and English-speaking townspeople. A short cycle from the town centre and your seaside accommodation, our two yards Vlissingen City and Vlissingen East offer comprehensive facilities and secured storage. Read on to find out about the experiences of crew staying in Vlissingen.

Great stay in Vlissingen

Located in the south west of the Netherlands, the Dutch province of Zeeland is made up of a complex network of small islands and peninsulas. It is renowned for its unspoilt nature, abundant sea life and, thanks to 650 kilometers of beautiful coastline, popularity amongst tourists. The summer months see Zeeland thrive in a bustle of beach-based life.

Up to 100 build captains and crew members spend many months and sometimes up to a year or more working at the yard before delivery. The Damen Yachting team provides lots of help getting settled, but what’s it like living in Vlissingen (or nearby Middelburg)?

Nathan McFadyen

“The real highlight for me is the daily football we play at the yard.

Management, office staff, production and crew all coming together for a friendly kick-about.

It’s moments like these that make our stay here great.”

– Captain VOLPINI 2

Nathan McFayden

“This is my second stay in Vlissingen and, just like the last time, the crew and i have really enjoyed it. I think what stands out the most is just how welcoming everyone is, not just at the yard but also in the town itself. The fact that everyone speaks excellent English makes settling in so much easier. It encourages you to get involved, explore and make the most of it.

“Vlissingen is very much a tourist town with a family friendly and relaxed feel to it. The beach side location drives that but, unlike many Med-based towns, it feels incredibly safe. The boulevard is lined with restaurants overlooking the beach and the Bellamy Park area is the town’s hub for bars and cafés. For those looking for a more lively night out, Amsterdam is only 3 hours away on the train and Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp are all nearby. Even London is only matters away.”


Picturesque cycle trails

With on-trend beach bars, family friendly beaches and a wide variety of watersports, daily life revolves around the outdoors and the coast. The spring and autumn months are where the endless picturesque cycle trails come into their own and as winter approaches, the typically Dutch medieval towns transform into hosts of festive celebration with ice skating and winter markets. There is plenty to do and see, and the atmosphere is laid back. You might not compare it to a season in the Med of Caribbean, but a yard stay in Zeeland has its own charms to keep crew entertained.

“I love it here, as do the crew. The scenery is stunning.

The winter chills of the North Sea haven’t quite managed to tempt me into the water just yet,

but there are also several water-based options available in the area,

be it windsurfing, kite surfing or sailing.”

– Captain APRIL

Olly Lewis

“It seems almost an unwritten rule that you must own a bike if you live in Holland! Most of the crew have fully embraced this. Some have even gone to the extent of customizing them with baskets an flowers! Myself and a few of the other crew also have road bikes here and have enjoyed venturing a little further around the province. We’re hoping to rope in a few of the Amels team for a ride at some point!”

“I don’t think I’ve had a bad meal in the area yet! I have a new favourite bar snack in Bitterballen and there seems to be an endless supply of Stroopwafels in our crew offices! Th entire area is filled with great places to eat out plus there are plenty of really good, high quality restaurants should the occasion require it.”


“My crew lived in Vlissingen and I lived in Middelburg which was recommended to me as just being a very pretty town.

The region offers everything you could hope for if you’re at a shipyard for 10 to 12 months.

– Captain ELIXIR

Simon Ladbrooke


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