The design philosophy behind our new generation of SeaXplorer expedition yachts

Following the first three sales from our SeaXplorer range and 2020’s milestone deliveries of ANAWA and LA DATCHA, the SeaXplorer design team has been hard at work updating our range of luxury expedition yachts. With feedback from our amazing clients, SeaXplorers are right at the forefront of explorer yachting, says Enrique Tintore, SeaXplorer Design Manager

Enrique, what is the SeaXplorer range?
“SeaXplorers are our luxury expedition yachts. At Damen Yachting, we’re unique in having the knowhow from both Amels luxury yachts and Damen commercial and naval ships. That makes the SeaXplorer different. It’s a crossover of Amels luxury pedigree and Damen’s shipbuilding technology. So there’s no compromise. We have three SeaXplorer projects – LA DATCHA, ANAWA and the SeaXplorer 58, and we’re working on the next projects at the moment.”

Can you tell us about the next SeaXplorer projects?
“We’ve learned a lot during the last 5 years. Every client comes with great ideas. So with our future designs, we’ve built in customisation options. Particularly in the aft sections clients can customise their SeaXplorer for their favourite adventures – anything from seaplane deployment to ocean research laboratories. But they still benefit from the proven platform in terms of value and time – closer to the dream.”

The AW109 GrandNew touches down safely on the fully certified helideck, supported by wheelhouse flight monitoring.

The aircraft then heads below deck in the hangar, protected from the elements, ready for refuelling on board and the next flight.

What defines an expedition yacht?
“Visiting the polar regions once in their lifetimes is on just about every SeaXplorer client’s bucket list. But so are many tropical areas where the operational challenges shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s about staying safe in isolation, but also about enjoying the yachting lifestyle to the maximum. In fact, you don’t need to go very far from the major superyacht hubs before the benefits of a SeaXplorer become clear. That’s the philosophy that our line-up reflects.”

How has the expedition yacht market changed since the SeaXplorer’s introduction in 2015?
“Explorers are increasingly popular. The new build market in particular has developed a lot recently. I think more adventure travellers appreciate the idea of being autonomous, being safe in isolation and getting that excitement that goes beyond conventional yachting. But without compromising the luxury lifestyle. I think that’s the trend behind the success of the SeaXplorer range – you get the highest quality of yacht comfort and pedigree, as well as the expedition capability.”

“You don’t need to go very far from the major superyacht hubs before the benefits of a SeaXplorer become clear.”

Enrique Tintore SeaXplorer Design Manager


Maximise outdoor living with SeaXplorer 77‘s indoor-outdoor Sky Lounge and Swimming Pool and transform your helideck into the ultimate bar lounge.

How do you see the future of expedition yachting?
“The future looks very exciting. If you look at the rapid technological advances recently, it’s opening up seabed exploration, scientific discovery and anthropology to privately funded individuals in a very viable way. It can be really fascinating to combine family adventure and curiosity about the world with a philanthropic goal. As yacht builders, we also see our responsibility in reducing the footprint of our yachts. All SeaXplorers are now offered with a minimum of hybrid electrical drives (PTO/PTI configuration) and battery bank for highly efficient cruising.”

“A SeaXplorer stores helicopters and equipment below deck, fully protected from the elements, fully autonomous and capable of deploying a lot of gear in sorts of conditions. These things are not always visible on the surface, but when the adventure begins, you will definitely notice the difference.”

About the SeaXplorer

The SeaXplorer story began in 2015 with our team of maverick Dutch naval architects and yachting experts. They started with the quality and pedigree of our 75 Amels superyachts delivered in the last four decades. They added the best of our commercial shipbuilding knowhow from more than 6,000 Damen ship deliveries since 1927. The result is the SeaXplorer range – fully customisable, purpose-designed luxury expedition yachts for the most extraordinary adventures anywhere on the planet.

SeaXplorer design partners

Amels luxury yacht building • Damen Research Laboratory • Exterior stylists Azure Yacht Design • Operational design partners EYOS Expeditions

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