Inside Out the First Amels 60

From Drawing Board Dreams to Reality

The first Amels 60, with her exclusive exterior design by Espen Øino, is proving her fast-delivery promise as the build develops at lightening pace. Just 9 months since this project was sold in the weeks immediately following this new design’s première, the hull construction is already well underway with the steel works making solid progress. And it’s not just the exterior that is quite literally coming together. Damen Yachting’s interior team, in collaboration with Winch Design, is simultaneously creating this 60 metre Limited Editions’ personal inner narrative. Turning the Owner’s custom interiors from drawing board concept to stunning reality in time for delivery in Spring 2022. Jim Dixon, Director Yachts & Aviation at Winch Design, gives us the inside story.

“The better you get to know a client’s lifestyle,
the better you can create something uniquely personal to them.”

Jim Dixon 

Director Yachts & Aviation at Winch Design

Home at the beach

Winch Design was appointed by the Owner to create the bespoke interiors of this first Amels 60 hull marking the latest in a long line of award-winning collaborations between the studio and Damen Yachting. Jim shares some interior insight into how this next generation Limited Editions for an experienced client, captures the feel and style of a relaxed family home on the water. Harmonious custom interiors designed to promote a ‘calm atmosphere and involuntary relaxation’.

“For the most part, we have used pure and natural materials to emphasise the relaxed ‘home at the beach’ spirit of the interior. However, we have added layers of surface interest to materials such as stones and timbers to create unique and tactile finishes.”

Intrisically inviting

Much of the materials used are really designed to draw the guests in. They effortlessly work together to create a harmonious and relaxed feel and the use of natural materials and texture is key to the success of this symbiosis.

Jim explains how the beauty of the materials is largely in their tactility. “They are not overpowering, but have a surface quality that draws you near and creates a physical connection with the interior. For example, the double-height carved timber wall panels, coconut shell cabinetry, details of brushed stone and timber, and textured metal ironmongery all hold an intrinsic invitation to be touched.”

Subtle masculine edge
This relaxed and natural theme blends perfectly with her more angular and geometric exterior thanks to a ‘subtle masculine edge’ to the interior design.

“Her exterior and interior spaces will complement one another
beautifully, with references to her geometric exterior being drawn inside.”

Throughout the interior, there is a strong feel of connectivity between spaces and Jim describes how rather than dominant design statements, there is a deliberate harmony throughout to promote a calm atmosphere and involuntary relaxation. “Spiralling through the centre of the boat, the helix column of the staircase connects all the decks together. The columns and window mullions in the Main Salon/Dining appear to penetrate through the deck to the Sky Lounge above. Asymmetric furniture creates an easy circulation as guests walk from room to room all the way down to the Beach Club which connects effortlessly to the water’s edge.”

“Having an existing relationship with a Client always makes the process easier and the better you get to know a client’s lifestyle, the better you can create something uniquely personal to them.”

Benefit of foresight

When turning someone else’s dreams into reality, knowledge, experience and understanding of your client’s wishes are paramount. In the case of the first Amels 60, these pillars of strength that run deep for both Damen Yachting and Winch Design. Not only does the first Amels 60 represent the third Amels newbuild yacht for this client, all with Winch Design interiors, and is in fact also the third time this client will be taking ownership of a brand-new series design. For Jim and the Winch Design team, they have certainly embraced the excitement of being involved in this bold new innovative Amels design and the opportunity of a  ‘blank canvas’ for their creativity!

“We are the link between Winch Design and our in-house engineering team, balancing
technical necessity with aesthetic sensibility. The key to success is full cooperation
between all parties and whilst this is the first yacht from a new Limited Editions
design, this is not our first project with their team. We have a strong history of
award-winning collaborations with the studio and are fully focussed on
working together to create something extraordinary for this experienced
and repeat Amels client.”

Gaia Meucci

Interior Specialist Damen Yachting

Expert precision

This first Amels 60 is currently located at the Damen Yachting hull building facility in Poland where the individual sections of the hull are being brought together with expert precision. As she starts to take shape, she offers a first look at this brand-new design in her infant stages. A glimpse of what’s to come. The next stage in the build process will see the hull and superstructure being relocated to the dry dock in our Vlissingen City yardSee.