Annelies Damen and Amels 60

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Amels 60

We invited the team at Studio Indigo to create a design concept for the AMELS 60 interiors. Founded in 2005 by Creative Director Mike Fisher, the London-based studio specialises in architecture, interior design and yachts. They bring over 15 years of design experience within luxury super-prime land-based projects, both in the UK and internationally. Comprising a skilled team of 50 designers and architects, Studio Indigo brings a fresh new approach to the yachting industry and has recently captured the market’s attention with their award-winning innovation.

Rose Damen’s sister and family shareholder Annelies Damen has been closely involved with AMELS for more than 2 decades. She enjoys discussing custom interiors with clients and has been closely involved with Studio Indigo’s interior concept.

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