Updated SeaXplorer 77 expedition yacht design

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Following the first three sales from Damen Yachting’s SeaXplorer range and 2020’s milestone deliveries, Damen Yachting is proud to introduce a new look SeaXplorer 77 from its range of luxury expedition yachts.

The SeaXplorer 77 is the first in an updated SeaXplorer line-up, the result of a comprehensive review by the in-house SeaXplorer design team together with exterior stylists Azure Yacht Design and operational design partners EYOS Expeditions.


“Most of all, with feedback from our amazing clients, SeaXplorers are right at the forefront of explorer yachting,” says Enrique Tintore, SeaXplorer Design Manager at Damen Yachting.

  • Multipurpose aft deck that can be modified for a wide variety of owner-specified requirements, for example deploying and hangaring a large 7-person submarine or seaplane.
  • All SeaXplorers now offered with a minimum of hybrid electrical drives (PTO/PTI configuration) and battery bank for highly efficient cruising.
  • Increased focus on exploration lifestyle features for tropical destinations including an Upper Deck swimming pool, indoor-outdoor spaces with pedigree finishes, and a huge party and DJ dance space for up to 150 guests.

“Visiting the polar regions once in their lifetimes is on nearly every SeaXplorer client’s bucket list,” Enrique says. “But so are many tropical areas where the operational challenges shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s about staying safe in isolation, but also about enjoying the yachting lifestyle to the maximum. In fact, you don’t need to go very far from the major superyacht hubs before the benefits of an explorer yacht become clear. That’s the philosophy that our line-up reflects.”


The SeaXplorer 77 draws on the design’s first delivery – the highly customised LA DATCHA. LA DATCHA is now roaming the world’s oceans on her first charter season, which sees her make use of her private airfield with two helicopters, hangar and aviation refuelling tank.

“We are enormously proud of LA DATCHA as well as her SeaXplorer sisters,” says Managing Director Rose Damen. “When we started our ambitious SeaXplorer programme, we dreamed of something different – a luxury expedition yacht born from an innovative crossover of our Amels yachting and Damen shipbuilding technology. It was a challenging ambition, but our clients have proved that there is a growing market for true expedition yachting beyond limits.”


For the SeaXplorer 77, we asked our design partners to each create a luxury interior concept.

Monaco Yacht Temptation

Carlo Torre and his studio Monaco Yacht Temptation created their SeaXplorer 77 concept after having already been chosen by the Owners of the first SeaXplorer, the 62-metre ANAWA (203 ft), to create the yacht’s interior design.

Winch Design

Jim Dixon, Director Yachts and Aviation at London-based Winch Design, and his team created a new concept for the SeaXplorer 77, the studio’s first for our expedition yacht range.


The SeaXplorer story began in 2015 with Damen Yachting’s team of maverick Dutch naval architects and yachting experts. They started with the quality and pedigree of 75 Amels superyachts delivered in the last four decades. They added the best of the company’s commercial shipbuilding knowhow from more than 6,000 Damen ship deliveries since 1927. The result is the SeaXplorer range – fully customisable, purpose-designed luxury expedition yachts for the most extraordinary adventures anywhere on the planet.

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