The SeaXplorer range

Discover our SeaXplorer premiere expedition yachts up to 105 metres (345 ft) in length. Our range offers serious global exploring capability, combined with luxury refinement at home in any marina.

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A new generation of explorers

Today, 5 years after the launch of the SeaXplorer range, our first SeaXplorers are sailing the world’s oceans. Now we are looking over the next horizon. See the updated designs for our SeaXplorer range.

What makes a seaxplorer

Built by Damen Yachting, a SeaXplorer expedition yacht combines the best of our Amels superyacht pedigree with our Damen commercial shipbuilding knowhow. The result is the ultimate crossover – a purpose-designed luxury explorer. You can customise your SeaXplorer to your lifestyle and exploration plans.

Equipped for discovery
Expedition excellence
Lifestyle in nature

Expedition gear

The aft section of the SeaXplorer lends itself to a wide-range of custom solutions for your requirements. For example an optional A-frame and dedicated submersible hangar to cater to your passion for exploring underwater. We’d like to hear what inspires you!

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Ocean-going comfort

Heading to the polar zones doesn’t need to mean leaving your comfort zone. SeaXplorer expedition yachting means taking the safety, reliability and performance you expect from your yacht right to the edges of the world. The SeaXplorer’s avant-garde naval architecture ensures comfort and performance while navigating any ocean on Earth – just like the naval ships and offshore research vessels that Damen builds.

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Enjoy life on board

Accommodating up to 24 guests in uncompromising luxury, your SeaXplorer’s indoor spaces easily match conventional yachts in her class. On deck you have beautiful mixes of sun and shade, with pools and al fresco dining.

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We created the SeaXplorer in 2015 as an innovative new range in our portfolio. Today the SeaXplorer has become reality as the first two deliveries leave our yard. The third is now in build.


“Almost by definition, the world’s most pristine places can only be accessed by sea. There are no airports, no roads, there’s really no significant infrastructure of any kind. So you need the sea to get there. And when you get there, you need a platform to run the mission. You need the tools to make complex things happen in remote places – that’s the underlying mission of any expedition yacht.”

Rob McCallum, Founder EYOS Expeditions, our operational design partner in the creation of the SeaXplorer


Azure Yacht Design Erik Spek and Bob van de Meiracker
Azure Director Erik Spek and Designer Bob van den Meiracker

Exterior design with Azure

Azure Yacht Design is our design partner for the SeaXplorer range’s exterior lines. In 2015 they created a unique and instantly recognisable exterior styling. That process has since led to the development of all five Azure-designed SeaXplorers in the range.

“We selected Dutch design studio Azure to create the SeaXplorer’s masculine and virile exterior lines.”

The design philosophy includes a signature S shape in the transition from tough expedition platform to full luxury yacht. Faceted shapes in the superstructure and mast reflect polar ice.

La Datcha


Contact us to register your interest in the next SeaXplorer and to receive our latest SeaXplorer brochures, deck plans and specifications.

“It starts with the dream of an uncompromising individual who sees the world like no other. That’s how the SeaXplorer began. We would be delighted to help you bring the explorer dream closer to reality.”

Rose Damen, Managing Director Damen Yachting