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At Damen Yachting we deliver fully-custom built yachts with your choice of exterior and interior designer. Alongside our successful Amels Limited Editions range, our Full Custom team is proving our capability with the largest Amels yacht builds to date – Project 77 and Project Signature. We achieve it in a very Dutch way – with hard work, craftsmanship and a love of doing things the right way.

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Build a yacht with a true one-off exterior and interior from the designer of your choice.

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Our fleet of custom-built yachts goes back to our earliest yacht-building era.

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Bring your yacht to the Dutch builder renowned for the finest new builds.

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120-metre Amels Full Custom

When delivered in 2025, the 120-metre Project Signature will be not only the largest Amels but also the largest superyacht built to date in the Netherlands.

About Project Signature

Our Full Custom fleet

Browse our list of Full Custom deliveries to date.

Our Full Custom showcases



78 metre custom build by Espen Øino

Project 77

With a Gross Tonnage of 2,850, Project 77 by designer Espen Øino will be the largest Amels superyacht to date in terms of volume on delivery in 2021.

Project 77 showcase

Now in build for 2021 delivery


We may be the world’s largest superyacht-building operation, but when it comes to your custom project, you have our full attention.

“It’s great to see how you have grown with incredible facilities like the hull yard in Galati as well as the outfitting yard in Vlissingen. But you still have a boutique custom builder’s mentality. You can see that in the quality of craftsmanship and the strong teamwork with the owner’s team.”
– Andrew Tree, Owner Representative Project 77


83-metre custom build by Tim Heywood


The 83-metre superyacht was custom built for a repeat client. Although also offered as a Limited Editions design, the delivery proved our large custom yacht building talent to the market.


Our flagship delivery


We deliver what we promise. That’s the motto we live and work by.

“The whole build process was very smooth, always ahead of schedule without any compromise on quality. During the last months before delivery, normally you expect tensions as deadlines approach, but with an Amels it’s the opposite. They are a very loyal and dedicated team. That makes a big difference and you can see it in the end result.”
– Yavor Nenov, Owner Representative HERE COMES THE SUN


74-metre custom build by RWD


ILONA is a full custom Amels build with a timeless and instantly recognisable exterior design. With the same owner, she has voyaged multiple times around the world.

ILONA showcase

Delivered 2004


Experience the spiritual home of Dutch shipbuilding and the birthplace of the yacht itself four centuries ago.

“The owner visited the vessel at the yard twice. The hospitality we've been shown from the yard during these visits has been beyond what one could expect.”
– Kenan Seginer, Captain ILONA

Enjoy the finest moments in life!

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Delve into the traditions and facilities that have made us the yacht builder we are today.

"If you would like to enquire about a custom build, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements."
– Rob Luijendijk, Director Sales