Our Team

Damen Yachting is a strong international team of 500 men and women. From our North Sea head office in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, we operate the world’s largest superyacht building and refit facilities. In addition, we work closely with co-makers, crew and owner representatives based at our yards.

Management Team

Our Management Team, headed by Rose Damen, is responsible for Damen Yachting, which is the yacht building division of the Damen Shipyards Group.

Organisational structure

In-house design & engineering

A love of doing things the right way is part of our yacht building DNA. We believe in the value of uncompromising quality and meticulous attention to detail. More than 100 designers, naval architects and engineers create our yachts with a highly sophisticated manufacturing process and state-of-the-art engineering software. Our way of working means excellent teamwork strengthened by our diverse backgrounds, specialisms and willingness to develop new, innovative solutions.

Damen Yachting Team
“You draw something and then you see it being built. That is very rewarding and gives you a strong bond with the end product, a beautiful product! That is a big difference between yacht construction and shipbuilding. The added value of the engineer in the whole process is very significant.”
– Maarten Slegers, Head of Engineering

Damen Research Laboratory

In California they have ‘Silicon Valley’. In Holland we have ‘Yachting Valley’, a hothouse of marine expertise with world-renowned institutes such as the Delft University of Technology and MARIN. Our parent company is a major player with its dedicated Damen Research Laboratory. So when developing new designs and innovative technology, we are fortunate to have all the expertise we need, right here on our doorstep.

“What drives us? It's the challenge of creating the yacht envisioned in the client's imagination, bringing the designer's artistry to life, while applying the technical insight and innovation that set Amels yachts apart.”
– Adriaan Roose, Product Manager Amels

Project Management

This is the champions league of yacht building. Our multi-disciplinary project teams each manage one of more than 20 yacht builds and refits underway. This is where all our experience and talent comes together to take care of your yacht with absolute control of the production process so there are no unpleasant surprises. Through highly complex shipbuilding involving thousands of workers over a period of up to four years per yacht, we deliver your project on time and on budget as promised.


Sjoerd van den Broek
“You have an entire shipyard of people who share the same work ethos, dedication and desire to ensure that each and every project absolutely meets and exceeds the client's wishes. It forms an unwavering motivation that steers us all to deliver complete client satisfaction.”
– Sjoerd van den Broek, Manager Projects


Throughout our growth, quality has remained at the heart of everything we do. It comes first, always, and for that you need excellent facilities in combination with skill and attention to detail. We have shaped the yards into the largest yacht building facilities in the Netherlands, whilst maintaining a healthy balance of in-house and subcontracted skill. The result is a great variety of trades and experience all connected by common goals and attributes: all skilled, all specialised, all dedicated and all artisans of their craft.

“We never forget we are working in a place where the best yachts in the world are being built. Attention to detail is always important, and particularly in the final months of the production process. The yacht is all about fine detail. We are very proud of our product.”
– Bert Beckers, Head of Production

Co-makers and logistics

We are fortunate to be based in the world’s largest cluster of superyacht suppliers and subcontractors – a source of unrivalled knowhow and experience. Making agreements with them, supporting and challenging them are tasks for Damen Yachting’s Procurement Department. Another aspect of procurement is logistics. We work closely among our own yards and hull production yards, providing them with the correct components and materials on time.

“Our co-makers, subcontractors and suppliers are the foundation of our business and without them we could not work at the top of our game. We are in the Champions League of yacht building, so we need a strong, innovative, experienced and well-organised team of quality-minded professionals.”
– Martin van Heulen, Head of Procurement

Support staff

Wherever Amels and Damen Yachting yachts are found, you will also find our Marketing, Sales and Customer Care teams taking care of our clients. However, behind the scenes, many other professionals make up the team behind Damen Yachting. For example, the complex process of building top luxury superyachts would be impossible without our talented teams in Finance, IT and administration.