Owner Interview

WHOW combines Anthony’s love of fishing with his admiration for the men and women who have fought for America – the country which he credits with creating such tremendous opportunity for him and his family. He has since taken over 200 wounded American war veterans out on his boats and his WHOW family continues to grow every year.

“The annual suicide rate amongst wounded war veterans is 7%. The profound impact we have had in protecting and saving lives, to let these men and women know that we care. It’s not just a fishing tournament that lasts for 5 days, we also maintain a relationship with them thereafter. Every other trip of my planned world tour, due to start next year, I am going to be bringing a group of these veterans with me so they can enjoy the travel, the exotic locations and know that the WHOW family is very strong.”


When I heard the phrase ‘World Tour’ I couldn’t help but make a connection to music. And I wasn’t far off the mark. Afterall, Anthony’s entire fleet and programme take a form of inspiration from what was at the time his favourite band and song.

“My first twin diesel boat was a 32ft Blackfin and I named it Young Guns but once I turned 30, I figured I wasn’t that young anymore so I had to come up with a new name. Back then, in 1996, I really liked the band and song Bad Company and in that spirit I decided to name my next boat after them. At the time I was 31 years old and there has since been 50 Bad Companies!”


And whilst the programme works towards conservation and positively positioning recreational fishing, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that Anthony’s fishing adventure began and still is driven very much by personal passion.

“The primary objective of this world tour is to target blue and black marlins in excess of 700 lbs, so trophy-size also called Granders, but we are hoping to catch some over 1000 lbs. We’ll also be targeting surface swimming swordfish. Swordfish are generally a bottom dweller but sometimes they come up to the surface. When they do come up to sun and we are able to entice them to eat, that sport of catching a surface swordfish is spectacular. I’ve hooked over 40 in my career but only ever caught 9.”