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February 16-20, 2022

Miami International Boat Show

Amels and Damen Yachting at Superyacht Miami 2022

Island Gardens, Miami

Visit us in Miami! We are delighted to host the stars of the show, yachting duo GENE MACHINE and GENE CHASER.

Our team will be available at the Miami Yacht Show for a very special event. To show off our build quality and our wide portfolio of yachting experiences, we could not hope for a better showcase than the amazing Amels yacht GENE MACHINE and Damen Yachting yacht GENE CHASER. See our team contact details below to make appointments or enquire about further information.

Yachts showcasing 


Amels 180

GENE MACHINE is a 55-metre (180 ft) Amels superyacht. She has become one of the world’s most well-known yachts thanks to her Owner’s inspiring journeys around the world. From the Exumas to the Arctic, she finds adventure, discovery and inspiring destinations wherever she travels.



Damen Yachting YS 5009

Thanks to the Owner’s unique vision, this 2021 delivery of the popular 55.5-metre YS 5009 (182 ft) design stands out from the crowd. GENE CHASER brings cutting edge science and technology to all reaches of the globe, in an effort to address our biggest global challenges.

GENE CHASER cruising in New York.

Find out more about this renowned yachting duo and our participation at the Miami Yacht Show in our news update.

The story behind GENE MACHINE and GENE CHASER

We are hugely thankful to Dr. Jonathan Rothberg for generously sharing his yachts and story as an inspiration for our clients. Below we share two articles that reveal the vision and insight behind his yachts.

The vision behind GENE CHASER

In a candid interview, Dr. Rothberg shares the purposeful vision behind extending his on-water scientific and research facilities.

Read more

Yachting with the Next Gen

Read about life on board with the Owner and his family. “My children are incredibly close and being together on board is part of that. I love giving them unique experiences.”

Read more

Where to find us

You’ll find GENE MACHINE and GENE CHASER stern to stern at the IGY Yacht Haven Grande at Island Gardens. The event is held facing downtown Miami – check out the Superyacht Miami website for details.

We hope to see you there!

Viewings and appointments

Please note that GENE MACHINE and GENE CHASER are private and available strictly by appointment only for client viewings.

Jan van Hogerwou, Commercial Executive


Jan van Hogerwou

Cell: +1 713 471 7274

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