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Interview with Captain Colin Boyle

HERE COMES THE SUN is no stranger to making a big impression. She has been standing tall as head of the Amels fleet since her original delivery in January 2017. So when this newly refitted, now 89-metre Amels Full Custom rolled out of the shed unveiling her stunning new colour scheme and extended length, she cemented an even bigger, bolder and better legacy. Captain Colin Boyle talks us through this Amels refit. 

“It was a huge scope of work.

The changes that we see on the outside really are only are a fraction of it.” 

– Captain Colin Boyle –

Making a Masterpiece 

Welcoming any of the fleet back to the yard is always done with pride but for HERE COMES THE SUN, it’s runs even deeper. Many of the same craftsmen and women who were meticulously involved in the original build have been working on her during this refit, remoulding and reshaping her into the new masterpiece she has become. But what other key ingredients played their part? 

Successful refits start with the plan. Planning, planning and better planning. And then that really has to be communicated – getting over the Owner’s dream, his wishes.  And then there’s the technical and the cosmetic work that goes into achieving that. Having that personal input, personal knowledge, and that little bit of extra experience really makes a difference to your final product.” 

Fully Focussed 

A refit of this scale is not without challenge. Not only has she undergone a full respray with colour change, there have been a number of significant and complex design modifications. So what was the biggest challenge of all? 

“For a refit of this scale, the challenge comes from keeping your eye on the end result from a year out. It’s such a long time to work across. Keeping everyone moving towards it, everyone happy and just towards that final goal is a real challenge. The quantity of work that’s been covered is immense. So to achieve it in a year is a real credit to Amels.” 

“The exterior is just tremendous and that gives a really good indication of the quality we have managed.

The paint work is just second to none. She really is stunning.’’

Totally Transformed 

If you are a looking for an example of how a refit can truly enhance and transform a yacht, HERE COMES THE SUN is the perfect showcase. Her original Tim Heywood design and has been expertly enhanced by the yard’s original partner for the naval architecture, Azure Yacht Design, to give an already iconic yacht a brand new look in keeping with her new Owner’s wishes. 

“I think these big bold block colours really suit the size and stature of the hull. She’s a very strong looking vessel now in total character with the Owner’s other vessels through his time. She looks terrific. Her external effect – just looking at the extended boat, the extended hull, the beautiful rake on the top 3 decks and the VIP balconies which are 12 metres long on each side – these are all colossal additions and have really added to her elegance and her strength.” 

Refit Reality 

Being based at the Damen Yachting yard for a year gave the crew and Captain plenty of time to get into life in Vlissingen and, more importantly, really experience what an Amels Refit beyond life at the shipyard is all about. Their refit highlights were certainly a great balance of both work and pleasure.  

“We’ve been parked here, almost in the middle of Vlissingen, for a year and it’s been really pleasant. The crew have been fully involved with the rugby club where that was possible, they’ve been real Dutch cyclists – I see more bikes than cars on the car park out there. So they’ve the made the most of it and thoroughly enjoyed it. For me, the best bit was coming out the shed. It was an exciting time to see her in daylight with the dust blown off and the protection off. Just to get such a tremendous reaction from friends, from the shipyard, from the crew and from the Owner himself – they’re excited about it and they’re looking forward to being out on the water.” 

Welcoming any of the fleet back to the yard is always done with pride but for HERE COMES THE SUN, it’s runs even deeper. She represents the first step back towards full custom and bigger projects. Many of the same craftsmen and women who were meticulously involved in the original build are now working on her again, remoulding and reshaping her into the new masterpiece she has become.”

– Michel Coens –
Refit Sales Manager

refit scope

  • Full respray with colour change
  • Extension Sun Deck aft
  • Sun Deck helicopter landing area
  • Sun Deck layout modification
  • Additional Bridge Deck accommodation (VIP)
  • Layout modifications Owner areas
  • 6-metre Main Deck aft extension
  • Layout modifications Main Deck
  • Larger beach club & spa facilities
  • Tender garage modifications
  • Main Deck large pool  

HERE COMES THE SUN at a glance

  • Amels Refit (89 metres, 292ft – was 83 metres, 272ft) 
  • Delivery 2021 
  • 2977 GT (was 2827 GT) 
  • Interior Design by WINCH Design 
  • Exterior Design by Tim Heywood 
  • Naval Architecture by Damen Yachting and Azure Yacht Design 

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