London to monaco

An epic ride for ocean awareness 

Bikes. It hard to imagine the Netherlands without them. There are more of them than people, they are a primary means of transport and are central to many recreational activities. So whilst cyclists arriving at Damen Yachting’s shipyard in Vlissingen might seem like an everyday occurrence, welcoming 70 plus London to Monaco riders to the shipyard was anything but ordinary. 

This year’s London to Monaco got underway on Tuesday 20th September. The start of a gruelling 7-day bike ride which will see teams of riders – who have dedicated most the last few months to training, endurance and climbing – take on almost 1100 kilometres, including 12,000 altitude metres, through the Netherlands, Belgium, France and ending in Monaco. And why? To help the Blue Marine Foundation raise money to protect the most vulnerable ocean environments by creating large marine reserves and establishing sustainable models of fishing.  

Damen Yachting was delighted to host all the cyclists on route to Belgium for a well-deserved lunch having completed the first leg from Hoek van Holland to Vlissingen putting 100km under the belt already. Not only was it a great opportunity to thank all those cyclists for their dedication to such an important cause, it was also a wonderful moment to show support to all those involved including our own Damen Yachting Team. 


On behalf of all of the Damen Yachting L2M team we would like to thank everyone for their kind and generous donations. They make a huge difference to an important cause. And it’s not to late to show your support and keep our riders motivated to make it to the finish line! To make a donation please follow the link below! 

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