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Women in Yachting at MYS 2022.

This year’s Monaco Yacht Show provided the perfect platform for Damen Yachting to once again host the Women in Yachting community. An initiative was borne out of a wish to further the company’s values of sustainability, diversity and inspiration. Women in Yachting aims to connect leading females in the industry through inspirational events and experiences throughout the year. Such events aim to provide women in the sector with a chance to inspire one another and breakdown stereotypes, paving the way for the industry’s female leaders of the future.

Making history

Women in Yachting made its debut at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show; the first all-female networking event to take place in the show’s history. The event brought together women from across the yachting world, clients, colleagues, engineers, designers, crew, management and media. It provided them with an opportunity to share their experiences of working in the superyacht sector and discuss the challenges of how to make the industry more accessible to the next generation of women in yachting.

Inspired by the sea

In 2022, Women in Yachting was back in Monaco. Leading women in the industry were invited to a networking breakfast on Friday 30 September at the imposing Musée Océanographique de Monaco. The gathering took place on a beautiful terrace with breathtaking views of the Principality and the Mediterranean.

With its Inspired by the Sea theme, this year’s Women in Yachting edition connected to Damen Yachting’s continued #loveouroceans campaign. Love our Oceans provides a platform for our Owners, fleet, crew, employees, co-makers and partners to share their stories and experiences inspired by life in, on and under water. In this way, they can show why our oceans, and the life within them, and the waters that we all enjoy, can inspire us on so many levels.

Let’s live in the ocean

The venue for this year’s Women in Yachting event was an ideal location to not only further support the Inspired by the Sea theme but also as a setting for Women in Yachting to meet, sharing many values in common with the community. With its motto ‘let’s live the ocean’, Musée Océanographique de Monaco sees the ocean as global unifier of humankind and nature. Its mission is to reveal, share and amplify our link with the seas and oceans, inspiring people to work together towards their protection and a common future.

Ownership, Inspiration & Diversity

The event welcomed a group of inspirational women from across the industry in a fabulous setting. At its heart were the three core values that Women in Yachting has set out to achieve – Ownership, Inspiration and Diversity. Damen Yachting’s Managing Director Rose Damen welcomed all the guests to the event with an inspirational speech about why those core values are so important to her and the company.

Once again, the event proved to be a wonderful success, providing an opportunity for women in the sector to come together and be inspired by the sea and by one another. We look forward to the next inspirational Women in Yachting event.

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