The artistry behind PINK SHADOW

Unique exterior artwork by German artist Ann-Kathrin Otto

The 46-metre PINK SHADOW (151 ft) is a boat with a big personality. She has standout interior style, but it’s specially thanks to her bow point artwork that she turns heads wherever she travels. For the hand-painted craftsmanship, the Owner turned to Cologne-based artist Ann-Kathrin Otto.

Cigar octopus and mermaid

From port-side the bow carries a 12-metre long and 4-metre high illustrated Mermaid, while to starboard there’s a cigar-smoking 7-metre Octopus. Creative and unmissable, the artwork was also a challenging project for the artist.

Working at several locations over several weeks during modifications to the vessel following her sale, Ann-Kathrin hand painted the two illustrations directly on the hull from scaffolding on a floating pontoon.


Creating such unique artwork requires a creative vision and trust between the artist and the Owner. The process of painting directly on to the hull of a newly delivered 46-metre boat must require nerves of steel and artistic confidence!

The hull of PINK SHADOW is four metres high from the waterline to the gunwale. Working in a marina situation also made it difficult to step back and see the artwork from a distance. However, the end result is fantastic and a great credit to the artist! Find out more on Ann-Kathrin Otto’s website.