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The artistry behind PINK SHADOW

Unique exterior artwork by German artist Ann-Kathrin Otto

Art commissions go hand in hand with on board collections but that doesn’t mean it has to be limited to the interior. The 46-metre (151 ft) Yacht Support PINK SHADOW is a boat with a big personality. She has a standout interior, but it’s specially thanks to her bow point artwork that she turns heads wherever she travels. For the hand-painted craftsmanship, the Owner turned to Cologne-based artist Ann-Kathrin Otto.

Cigar octopus and mermaid

Pink, creative and unmissable – PINK SHADOW’s marine themed illustrations are certainly unique. The port-side bow carries a 12-metre long and 4-metre high illustrated Mermaid, while to starboard there’s a cigar-smoking 7-metre Octopus.

Subtle they are not, impressive they most certainly are. Even more so when you consider what it took to produce. Painting directly on to the hull of a newly delivered 46-metre boat surely requires nerves of steel and artistic confidence!


Such unique artwork is born out of a creative vision and most importantly, trust between the artist and the Owner. Two elements that were tested by the challenging working circumstances for the artist.

Working at several locations over several weeks during modifications to the vessel following her sale, Ann-Kathrin hand painted the two illustrations directly on the hull from scaffolding on a floating pontoon.And with the hull of PINK SHADOW four metres high from the waterline to the gunwale, it’s not a small canvas either. To add to the challenge, the marina environment made it even more difficult to step back and see the artwork from a distance. It’s what makes the end result even more remarkable.

The artist

PINK SHADOW’s unique exterior artwork is the work of German artist Ann-Kathrin Otto. Her experience as a trained theatre painter for opera and large theatre houses was integral to the success of working close up – achieving the correct size ratios and proportions – on large hand-painted illustrations designed to be viewed from a distance.

“PINK SHADOW doesn’t only stand out for her spectacular custom artwork on her bow,

she is also blazing the trail as a Yacht Support for large sailing yacht operations.”

at a glance

  • Yacht Support YS45 (46 metres / 151 ft)
  • Delivered January 2021
  • 310 GT
  • 6 guests, 6 crew + Captain
  • Interior Design by Design Unlimited
  • Exterior Design & Naval Architecture by Damen Yachting
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