Amels 60 interior design concept by Winch Design

For the inspiration of our clients, we invited the renowned interiors team at Winch Design to create a custom concept for our 60-metre Amels 60 (197 ft) superyacht. Not only did they come back with two concepts, Barefoot and Moonlight, but each represents an entirely fresh take on sustainable interiors.

Winch Design created two completely unique concept Amels 60 interiors. The beauty of these two interiors is enhanced by the knowledge that sustainable innovation is at their core. As part of Winch Design’s commitment to a meaningfully sustainable future, the interiors team has spent six months deep diving into the world of truly sustainable materials. Meticulous attention to detail was paid to both the materials and production, plus sourcing and packaging processes to ensure that Winch is making a genuine contribution to sustainable design.


Barefoot is the lighter and warmer of the two interiors. Inviting and tactile, her neutral colour palette is complemented by hints of powder blue and showcases textures of sustainable woods and rattan manipulated into organic forms to create a ‘feet up’ and welcoming space.

Sand is sculpted and pressurised using air and water to create a centre-piece wall finish that mimics the form of raw stone and fine, almost translucent layers of aloe vera create an almost coral-like textural finish in the surrounding niches.

Soft angles and curved edges are found in abundance onboard Barefoot. Guests can enjoy the feelingof organic cotton against their skin and deep curved sofas upholstered in sand-coloured fabric made from post-industrial yarns.



Moonlight is Barefoot’s moodier sister, and takes her inspiration from the colours, textures and feeling of a moonlit swim in the ocean. Darker, edgier and slicker, Moonlight offers a sophisticated atmosphere that lends itself to relaxed yet impressive entertaining.

When dining, guests will sit upon futuristic, transparent chairs made from cast eco-resin that is formed from reclaimed fishing nets.

In the Owner Suite, a rippled aluminium ceiling panel perfectly mimics the look of moonlight reflecting off gentle waves, the walls are surfaced with distressed aniline leather, tanned with olive leaf extract and sustainably dyed deep, night sky grey.


“ The harmonious custom interiors capture the feel and style of a relaxed family home on the water,

promoting a ‘calm atmosphere and involuntary relaxation”

Jim Dixon 

Director Yachts & Aviation at Winch Design

Project Amels 6001

Damen Yachting’s interior team, in collaboration with Winch Design, is creating the first 60-metre Limited Editions’ bespoke interiors. Jim Dixon, Director Yachts & Aviation at Winch Design, says the harmonious custom interiors capture the feel and style of a relaxed family home on the water, promoting a ‘calm atmosphere and involuntary relaxation’. See our Project Amels 6001 showcase.

About Winch Design

Our collaboration with designer Andrew Winch goes right back to his early days at Jon Bannenberg in the 1980s. Since then we have created many iconic superyachts for our clients together.