A warm welcome to the home of yachting

Damen Yachting Open Day once again proves a success

Once every two years, Damen Yachting opens its doors to the public. Visitors are invited to witness the variety of disciplines involved in creating some of the most iconic yachts afloat and to explore the extensive maritime heritage of Vlissingen, a home to Dutch shipbuilding for generations.

Majestic crowd pleaser

For the Open Day on Saturday 15 October this year, over 7,500 visitors came from far and wide – some even crossing international borders to be there. The Damen Yachting team was on hand to welcome people and to give them tours of the facilities, where they were able to get up close to several yachts at various stages of construction.

Visitors also had the opportunity to see the finished product, with the Amels 206 STARDUST gracing the open day with her presence. This 62.5-metre Amels Limited Editions, originally delivered in 2020 and back in Vlissingen for some routine maintenance, looked majestic inside the dock and justifiably proved to be a real crowd pleaser.

Something for everyone

Employees took the opportunity to bring their families along to show them the work they so proudly carry out. To cater for the younger family members, a bouncy castle was provided. Meanwhile, older children were taken along on the yacht building journey, participating in educational and interactive experiences.

In addition, little future yacht designers were given the chance to show us what they have to offer by decorating a 1:10 scale model of an Amels 80 that was originally used for the impressive digital launch of the newest Amels Limited Editions earlier this year.

Reflecting the many collaborations Damen Yachting enjoys with suppliers and industry partners, several co-makers were also present to welcome visitors. This offered guests the chance to experience first-hand the many skills and fields involved in creating, developing, and delivering a superyacht.

Additionally, a number of crew members attended the event, giving those present the chance to hear inspirational stories of ocean adventures from those in the know.

A glimpse into the world of yachting

We are delighted to have been able to give so many superyacht fans a glimpse into the pride and teamwork and the unique combination of heritage and innovation that goes into making the world of yacht building so special.

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